Hats off to cover artists.

The book cover reels them in and the brief description on the cover captures or not the reader’s interest. I find it amazing that it can take years to write, rewrite and edit a book; yet, it only takes moments for someone to glance at a books cover and scan the books brief description. Those are arguably the most import moments in marketing the book. An author only gets one chance to make a first impression.

My publisher assigned me cover artist Kelly D. Abell from Select_O-Graphics and from my briefest of descriptions she managed to nail the cover. She seemed to know my book better than I did. I truly appreciate that as a first time author because I know enough to know that I am an amateur. My sincere gratitude and thanks to my Kelly her work is outstandingFang-Shway-3d


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Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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2 Responses to Hats off to cover artists.

  1. I think an appropriate cover is really important unless of-course you have full confident on the author, like, if we are picking up a classic book we wont even bother about the cover… but in case of an unknown writer, sometimes readers judge the book by the cover.


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