Name that gravatar

Am I the only one who cannot recognize the person behind the gravatar-which is a main part of their function? Facebook decided in their infinite wisdom to lock my account because they thought it had been hacked. I was then asked to identify random people from my account. My author Facebook page has many of the authors from my publisher on it. I recognize their names but, I was only given pictures from their respective Facebook page and asked to play name that author.

Now maybe I am the only one that failed this test. But, I can assure you that most people’s gravatar looks nothing like the actual person. For example, my gravatar is the cover of my first book and therefore looks nothing like me. Needless to say I failed the test four times and every time they closed my account. If they weren’t such a useful tool I would cancel the account or maybe not if I have to play name that gravatar.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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