Puppies aren’t as innocent as they seem!

I am raising my fourth guide dog puppy for the blind. A very worth while and noble pursuit. Theses dogs provide such an amazing service to a blind person. I arrived to pick up my eight week old bundle of boundless energy and was immediately entranced by a passel of puppies. He is a black lab, named Gage from a liter of seven puppies. He immediately stole my heart with his puppy breath and sweet face. He reeled me in enough to let my guard down momentarily! As fast as I could put him down he was off to explore without caution-mindless to the hazards in his surroundings.
There is nothing more joyful then a puppy left to explore-to put everything he can reach in his mouth. I have never done so many finger sweeps. My forearms have been shredded by the little teething terror. So, while I’m getting up at 4 AM to let him out and running around trying to wear him out I remind myself what a contribution he will make.
Upon reflection he is little different then when I raised my daughter. She survived her terrible two’s and I know that he will too. They both live life with great exuberance and little caution. But, I guess that is my job. I have spent the last twenty plus years trying to launch my daughter and now I’ll spend the next 18 months trying to send Gage off to be a productive and happy life. A tail wagging, ear flapping good time.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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