Amazon to the Rescue



The IRS can’t find missing e-mails on a crashed hard drive, the Obama administration can’t get the Affordable Healthcare website up and running and the Veteran’s Affairs administration gets raises after letting our veterans die. It would seem like the United States government cannot run anything well. In the meantime, all both parties in Washington can do is point fingers at one another. I am a fed up tax payer and the only finger I can point would be impolite. However, the answer may be as near as Amazon.

Laugh if you like and question my sanity if it makes you feel better. But, I cannot think of anyone else who could get a three dollar mini plunger to my house in five hours for $17. How might you ask is this relevant to the inept IRS, the bumbling website for the Affordable Healthcare act or the raises being handed out to the criminally negligent administrators in our veterans hospitals? The answer is staring you right in the face. Amazon is efficient, well run and cares about customer service. They are in business to make money by providing superior service.

When was the last time anyone accused anyone in Washington D.C. of providing superior service? Washington seems much more interested in wasting tax payer dollars, pointing fingers and placing blame. I for one did not vote for one person to represent me in Washington D.C. to waste my money. It is my expectation that the government will be as careful with my money as I am. They are not.

I suggest that the IRS come clean. The IRS will not except excuses from me on my tax returns and I don’t except their lies on the missing e-mails. If the Obama administration can’t build a website that works for 625 million dollars-I say get out of the way and let Amazon-I guarantee it will be less expensive and work. Lastly, the veteran’s administrations treatment of our vets is a national disgrace. If we can’t treat our veterans with the dignity and care they deserve then don’t send them.

You know I for one am writing in Amazon in November.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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