Repost of an interview with Melissa Miller.

An interview with Melissa Miller, CEO of Solstice Publishing,
Are you a founding member of SP?
Melissa – Yes. I started Solstice Publishing on my own in 2008 under another name and in 2010 I changed it to Solstice Publishing.
Could you please tell us how SP began?
Melissa – Solstice began because of my love of books. I started out as an author and then became a publisher the following year.
Do you work with agents?
Melissa – Yes we work with or without an agent.
During the publishing process, how many people at SP actually read an entire book besides the assigned editor?
Melissa – The EIC who decides to accept the book, then the editor, and the proofreader also read the entire book. So three people.
Is there any disadvantage being characterized as a “Midwestern Publisher?”
Melissa – I don’t believe so. We are an E Publisher. Everything we do is online so I don’t feel that your address in any way helps or hurts you in today’s epublishing industry.
Do you have a virtual staff with everyone in different locations communicating via email?
Melissa – Yes. We use Go To Meeting for face to face video meetings, Basecamp for project management, Facebook for chats and messages as well as emails and text messages for everything else. With all of the technology available to us today it’s not hard to have staff in different locations of the world.


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