Some days you just need to say what the Bleep!

Friday started out ordinarily enough until I jumped into my car to run some errands. As I’m backing out of my driveway I notice fluid gushing out from under my engine. I stopped to see what was going on and decided to pull my car on to the street. Call me crazy, but I already knew I had a hazmat issue on my hands.

Once I got over my minor heart attack I made a flurry of calls: insurance-no luck; triple AAA -pick-up, Toyota dealership-check and lastly-rental car. The car was towed; the insurance didn’t cover natural disasters, and I managed to rent a roller skate on wheels. Living the dream in So, Cal. After several nerve wracking hours the diagnosis was a rat attack on my transmissions line. Speed dial exterminator only to be told it would be cheaper to set traps.

Finally, I had the time to reflect and decide how I got into this predicament. That’s when the ten dollar bunny came into view. A week earlier my daughter came home with a rabbit. He’s cute enough. She naively stored his food in the garage. I told her it would attract rodents and she put it in a plastic garbage can. The rats ate through a standard garbage can. Damn Ratzilla was visiting the garage.

I removed ever edible substance from the garage or so I thought. The exterminator told me there was no nests just a ravaging rat with a taste for transmission fluid. Now I was pissed and I set traps, armed myself with heavy duty gloves and shovel. Nothing, nada, no rat attacks. So, I naively returned my car to the garage and you guessed it Monday morning my transmission lines were shredded again.

Toyota is suspicious I’m chewing them and I refuse to park my car anywhere near the garage. Stalemate. There is a cautionary tale here-never take a $10.00 rabbit at face value. There may be hidden costs and unintended consequences.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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