It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Yogi Berra

Have you noticed the more things change the more they stay the same? One of my sister’s is visiting. I haven’t seen her in three years. She married early and left home while I was in college. She raised three beautiful daughters and run successful business ventures. It is fun seeing her and catching up on family.

It is entertaining learning how her daughters and grandchildren are doing. The thought of grandchildren makes me grateful my daughter doesn’t have any yet. She is still finding her way in this world.

Listening to my sister tell tales of our childhood makes me certain one of us has dementia because I don’t remember things the same way. It has to be her since I’m older and wiser. Nevertheless, when she talks about her life, I hear echoes of mine and I smile. Stories of crazy things our children have attempted or the cowlick we both try to tame Who knew that the six degrees of separation wasn’t fantasy?

We may have lived on opposite coasts for our adult lives, but we are sisters. Different absolutely. Related, there’s no denying it. I’m heartened to realize time and distance changes us, but we are still family.

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