Marking Time

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I realize since retiring time has no perimeter’s. There are few schedules to keep. This is heaven. For forty years I had classes to teach and a team to coach. I marked my days by the requirements of each month. October fifteenth meant a new season. March literally meant March madness to a basketball coach. Summers meant recruiting.

The necessities of the job dictated most of my days. Fortunately, I enjoyed the routine for much of my career. Since I retired I find I resent the occasional early doctor’s or dentist appointment. Last week I had an eight A.M. dentist appointment. I waited with three  retired men. The gentlemen struck up a conversation while I tried to read my Kindle.

Unable to concentrate I turned off my Kindle and listened. It became obvious the two men had just met. After kibitzing over their early morning appointments their conversation turned to their deceased spouses. One man noted today his wife would’ve been dead seven years tomorrow. The other gentlemen wasn’t as specific. He noted his wife had been in chronic pain before she died. Death in her case he felt was a blessing.

This made me eternally grateful I do not mark my days by loses. These men obviously loved their wives from the tenor of their voices. It caused me to reflect not on how long I loved, but how deeply. I’ve been blessed.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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