Add the Bible zombies to that list:



Do you have the love of a good dog? If you don’t find one to love. Don’t worry they will love you no matter how smart you appear; kind you are or lovingly you treat them. The world would be better if dogs were in charge. Not much of a stretch after this campaign season. Imagine a world where everyone greeted each other with a big grin, a body shaking with enthusiasm for your arrival and a jump for joy.

All you need to do is feed and love them. A nice walk, a gentle tummy rub, and a scratch behind the ear. They will pay you back in spades. No sneaky mailmen, delivery people or solicitors. I know plastic bags have been banned, but you never know when a renegade will blow onto your yard. For the laughter and unconditional love, they provide-hug your dog-you won’t regret it.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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