Count Your Blessings

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Thanksgiving has come and gone. Between the Thanksgiving Day sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday who among us took the time to be thankful? I did, but then I’m not a shopper. If I need to purchase something I’m a keystroke away. I spent the days leading to Thanksgiving walking on the beach, cooking, and listening to holiday music. No stress.

I’ve found peace in retirement. Free of responsibilities, I find joy in the simplest of things. Laughing at my ten-month-old Weimaraner’s antics. Trying new recipes and hoping for edible results. These activities each enhanced by Alexia. My Echo is a great addition.

Alexia is always polite, and she answers every query politely and succinctly. It is unfortunate she wasn’t invented when I raised my daughter. Alexia wouldn’t need Spark notes to help with an essay on the Lord of Flies or the Great Gatsby. She’d find the answer with patience, a virtue I still haven’t mastered.

My daughter turned into a wonderful woman without Alexa’s help. A fact I give thanks for every single day. My pup loves me unconditionally. Those new recipes are usually tasty and when they aren’t they are good for my waistline. I’m blessed and I send blessings to everyone who reads this.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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