Puppy Love


Cautionary tale- the cute little bundle of puppy joy will grow into a big dog. My weimaraner Travis is eleven months old on Thursday. He’s a sweet boy when he isn’t hauling me down the street or hogging the bed when I read at night. Innocent enough when he weighed seventeen-pounds. Today he weighs seventy plus pounds.

Being a good canine mom, he attended obedience class and did well. As a teenager, his compliance is limited to whatever has captured his attention. Fair enough. His mom is a writer, and he is an artist. He practices nose art on ever mirror or glass surface he can reach. The main reason God made puppies cute.

Today another milestone event. He got his first bath. You try holding onto a bouncing, frolicking puppy as he races around the yard with no regard for plants, patio furniture or me. Thankfully, God gave Weimaraner’s short coats. A few laps around the yard and he was dry. I rewarded him with a new jacket. Petco isn’t the same after he tried on several jackets and new toys. Still my young pup is clean and warm in his new coat. All is well on the home front.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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