Friends Are Family



The holidays and the people we opt to spend them with are one of life’s great blessings. I have had the same best friend for thirty-six years.. Literally over half my life. I find this both gratifying and amazing. A person who stands by me no matter what. She is my daughter’s godmother.

We have gone through the deaths of parents and friends. Taken jobs, lost jobs, moved, graduated and retired. We live on opposite ends of the country and have for twenty-five years. Yet, every Christmas we get together in sunny southern California. No lake effect snow for me. The holidays just aren’t the same without our hikes, bike rides, musical performances and laughter.

I know I’m blessed by this friendship and enriched from knowing this special person. It is my special wish for everyone to feel as blessed as this friendship makes me feel. Happy Holidays.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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