Happy New Year



A new year begins. I started 2017 with a refreshing walk on the beach with Travis. The breeze coming off the water lashed at my hair and coat. A bite and a slight nip refreshing after two days of rain. A high tide left little room for walkers, surfers or beach combers. The rain always a blessing to draught stricken California kept most people off the sand.


Travis, my Weimaraner, and I invigorated by the cool temps reveled in the beauty. My eyes roamed the waves and Travis kept a keen eye on the gulls. He wanted to chase the scofflaws off the sand. I reined in his enthusiasm for the task at hand. No scattering the birds, chomping on muscle shells or nibbling on seaweed. Despite my curbing on his exuberant energy his joie de vivre remained undampened.


This is Travis’s first New Years. I’ve ushered in many and I’ve learned the passing of years means little. The dates and days fly by. I’ve learned to believe in the quality of the days not the quantity. Retirement allows me the luxury of wringing every minute from each day. No judgement, schedule or commitment, all I do is show up and be present. My life is blessed and I hope yours is too.



About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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