Voting Is a Privilege


Voting is straightforward and a privilege. Registered voters can vote in every election. A person researches their options and votes their conscious. No one may demean anyone for exercising their right to vote. In my experience, my choices win and they lose. We elect only one winner. What is understood – the majority wins and the losers respect the ultimate outcome. I may not appreciate the person elected, but I respect the office. I find the level of rancor and disrespect toward the president-elect and the people who voted for him disgraceful. The mainstream media implies only uneducated white men voted for Trump. Women never voted for Trump and anyone who did is contemptible. They are wrong.
There are no perfect candidates and in this election two very flawed people. The issues guided my choice. The country has spoken and President-elect Trump will be the next president. We can continue to protest or we can roll up our collective sleeves and make this a better country. If our next president doesn’t solve our problems, we will vote in someone else.





About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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