Be Present and Listen




The last twelve months prove my point. When did common sense flee? When did it become politically incorrect to lend a hand without a camera rolling or a selfie? There is much a person can do to help another person, animal, situation. You name it there is no shortage of ways to lend a helping hand.
When I see, thousands take to the streets to protest you name it-I wonder. I am not against voicing an opinion. I’m merely suggesting elbow grease might do more than placards and slogans. In the short time, I’ve roamed this plane slogans seldom scratch the service of any issue. What I’ve seen works is lending a hand, an ear and time to interact with another individual. A smile, a hug or a listening ear will do more to help than slogans and protests.
The world needs more face time and less emails, texts, tweets and e-mails. I’m old enough to have sent and received letters that changed my life. Do you keep emails, texts, tweets-perhaps? Instagram’s may give an image, but not the dialogue. Do not get me wrong theses venues have their place. Yet, they will never replace hearing the voice of a friend, family member or a long lost loved one.
I challenge you to tell five people hello. Wish them well and add a smile.



About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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