A Can of Whoopass Ice Machine




Last night my ice machine was possessed by an evil spirit. Sunny beach, it spewed ice all over the floor. An unprovoked sneak attach as I walked away. Grabbing a glass, I vainly tried to stem the flow. No luck, this required a sterner intervention. I pulled open the refrigerator and opened the ice bin. Gotcha, I turned off the ice maker and closed the door.


Satisfied the raging ice maker could spew no more I left the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I returned an hour later to find a small flood in front of the refrigerator. Incriminating slush rimmed the tray beneath the ice chute. A classic “cluster fluke” if I ever saw one. Game on evil machine.


Doing a quick online search on turning off rampaging ice makers. Satisfied I knew how to tame the beast. I approached the offending ice demon with an evil glint in my eye. One quick flip and the ice devil ceased to produce. I unabashedly preformed my Rocky run up my stairs without spilling a drop of wine. Ice maker 0-owner 1.



About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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