I stopped at a Burger King for my daily Diet Coke. A large Diet Coke is $3.07 with no senior discount. The same beverage at Mc Donald’s is.96 cents and Jack-in-the-Box offers it at $2.07. A huge difference between the three especially with no senior discount offered at Burger King (BK). A discount I never asked for until the sticker shock at BK. A quick fix for BK, I won’t use them. Still, I wondered about my new senior citizen moniker.

Technically, a term one earns by reaching sixth years of age. This may or may not be a significant age. We are each different. Take the term, Baby Boomer another descriptor one reaches based on their birthday. Nothing to sign up for, you reach the magic number and you qualify. I can only speak for myself. Being labeled a senior citizen irks me. I still blow by most teenagers and I’m not crawling when I do. Walking and pedaling between 10 and 12 miles a day.

I do not answer to the terms senior citizen or Baby Boomer. No, I choose wiser and happier. It works for me. I will forgo my discount. My life is blessed and I know it. Offer my discount to a hungry person or child. Lastly, instead of Baby Boomer I prefer Limitless Potential. What do you answer to?



About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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