Narley Arrived to Capture Hearts



Narley arrived on Friday, March 31st. He’s a Goldador and resembles a black lab puppy. His feet look like small catcher’s mitts. He’ll be a BIG boy with a sweet temperament with a dash of stubbornness. All to be expected from a young puppy.


Puppies are cute, so their owner’s don’t succumb to their antics. They look innocent with their puppy faces. They are not. No, they plot ways to grab a leaf from the ground and run. They dribble water wherever they walk, just to watch their owners slip and slide on the tile. What fun.


This is why God gave them puppy breathe. One of the sweetest smells in the universe to dog lovers. A body that moves like a Slinky. Their front end goes left; their bellies go right and their back-end tags along. The perfect balance for mischief on the prowl. Then when you feel you’ve reached the end of your endurance, they crash in a heap on the floor. Sleeping the sleep of the dead tired puppy.



About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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