It has been a year since I retired and moved to a new town. A place where I knew no one. Having moved too many times to count as a child, I was undaunted. Travis and I have made a home and new friends. No fretting over ways to fill my days. I volunteer and Travis runs our home… or so he thinks.

Travis a Weimaraner, a unique breed. Their nickname is Velcro dogs. Find them stuck to their owner’s side. He’s literally my shadow. An energetic breed, he gets five miles of walks a day. This doesn’t count the endless wrestling with his baby brother Narley. The two of them wear me out and keep me laughing with their antics. Laughing or swearing when I nearly end up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Road kill from their high energy and high jinx.

This week I spent organizing sitters and doggie daycare. I thought when my daughter graduated and left home my days setting up play dates were through. Silly human.

Who runs your life and do they have two legs or four?


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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One Response to Travis

  1. Alice Escude Fanto says:

    Enjoy your new chapter. I know your words will be jumping off the pages


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