Earned It


I received my final paycheck from a forty-one-year career. A strange sensation after all these years. I started working summers when I turned thirteen. For over fifty years, I earned an income. It seems strange to live off all my hard-earned savings. Working for what I wanted became an ethic instilled in me at an early age.
My parents always provided for us and I know times were hard. I’m the second of seven children. We never felt poor, but there were never extras. My mother froze and canned the vegetables we raised. We received a side of beef a year from the farm my father managed. Our first year in North Carolina dad planted so many sweet potatoes that we ate them for six months.
Liking sweet potatoes took me years. The greater lesson was the self-sufficiency I learned from knowing my hard work carried me through a lifetime.


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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