What Will You Fight For


Today I read an editorial on a young woman who has been a quadriplegic since nine years of age. Injured in a car crash she doesn’t remember. A dedicated runner at a young age she was returning home from a state track meet when the accident occurred. Flash forward fifteen years.
Kie is now twenty-four years old. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in integrative biology. She wants to become a doctor and is attending UC San Diego’s after college pre-medical program. The reason according to Kia is to show medical schools she has what it takes to become a doctor.
Her work isn’t limited to the classroom. Her rehab continues unabated. Originally, she had no sensation and now she can feel down to her toes. She bikes daily and works with her trainers to build and maintain muscle mass. She uses her standing frame every day to assist with blood circulation. Kia refuses to accept any limitations.
She understands the pain and dedication needed to become a doctor and she has shown the same dedication in her rehab. Kie in Japanese means “hope”. Anyone who has fought to overcome adversity knows hope isn’t enough. An indomitable spirit and an iron will count just as much. Kie you have everything it takes. No doubts.



About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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