Wildwatch Kenya: Help needed

untitledResearches from the San Diego zoo and the Twiga Walinzi (which means “Giraffe Guards” in Swahili), are conducting field research to study reticulated giraffes. The study is conducted in northern Kenya. The giraffe’s population has dwindled to less than 9,000 in Africa. Their decline is based on habitat loss, climate and poaching. Unfortunately, there’s little information on giraffes and how they live in the wild.
Your help is needed. Researchers have placed a hundred motion activated cameras throughout the two preserves being studied. They don’t have the resources to watch and record everything the cameras picks up. I decided to join. It’s free and ease. I started viewing my first photos within five minutes.
What an amazing experience. There are pictures with no animals, but the viewer gets an up-front view of the terrain and surrounding vegetation. I’m hooked and hopefully helping. I’ve spotted giraffes, elephants, Guinea fowl, and livestock. Kenyans walk through pictures herding their livestock.
People like to help animals. Now you can, right at your own computer on your own schedule. What do you say?


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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