Don’t Be Fooled By Their Angelic Faces




Growing up, I listened to whatever my mom had on the radio. Bob Vinton had a hit called Devil or Angel. The song reminds me of an average day with my boys Travis is a year and a half old and Narley is six months old. They race around the house, wrestling and playing.
Travis is a seventy-pound Weimaraner and Narley is a forty-pound Labrador and Golden Retriever mix. Narley is being trained as a service dog. Travis is his mom’s boy. They keep me laughing with their antics. Unless, I’m yelling at them for eating a pillow, a sock or… You get the idea.
Last week I bought fresh vegetables. What didn’t need refrigeration I placed in a bowl on the counter. The bowl contained cherry tomatoes, an avocado, garlic gloves and three beets. I’d removed the greens from the beets and planned to cook them the next day.
I fed them and settled in to watch the national news. Armed with a nice glass of wine, my focus on ABC news. I didn’t notice Travis had snuck downstairs. Big mistake. The next commercial prompted me check on them. Imagine my surprise when I noticed them chewing on a beet.
They both had incriminating red beet juice on their muzzles. Sunny beach. Travis pilfered the beet and shared it with his smaller sidekick. They had beet juice on their faces and the rug. After I cleaned them up and the rug the news was over. I threatened to put them and their bowls on the street. Seriously!


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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