Are You Living An Inspired Life?



Baruch Spinoza an eighteenth-century philosopher suggested people need to ask themselves three questions every day for a month. The first, “Who or what inspired me today” I’ll try to answer the question and I’ll save the others for another blog.
I had a hard time responding to this query. Upon reflection, many things have inspired me. Nature, acts of kindness, and an inspirational quote all have moved me. It is harder to pin point daily. Do I know when I wake each day what will inspire me? The answer is no.
What I rely on for inspiration makes me who I am. My faith and my grandmother. I trust God to watch over and guide me. The knowledge that I am God’s child gives me great peace. My grandmother encouraged me to be a better person. She demonstrated unconditional love, humor and kindness. A literal pioneer, a Daughter of the American revolution.
Guided by my faith and the wisdom of my grandmother today I’m inspired by life’s little blessings. A marine layer to keep my walk with the dog’s cool. The afternoon breezes cooling my home. Little things to lift my soul. Small blessings. What inspired you today?


About Casey Knight

Professor, author, mother, and nature lover.
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